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Our passion is helping early-stage entrepreneurs take the first step in building the business they've always dreamed about.
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Located on the Penn State Abington campus in Abington, the LaunchBox connects Philadelphia region entrepreneurs to the support and resources they need to build a sustainable and scalable business with a viable plan for growth. By supporting a culture of innovation around the LaunchBox, the initiative intends to increase the number of entrepreneurs in the community.
  • Educational and Inspirational Events
  • Pitch Competitions
  • 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship
  • Legal and Intellectual Property Services
Penn State Startup Week

Penn State Startup Week 2023


Each spring, Penn State Startup Week powered by PNC brings together the best and brightest Penn State student and alumni entrepreneurs and innovators for a week long entrepreneurship immersion and celebration of the magic that happens when Penn State’s inspired doers put their great ideas into action.
Abington LaunchBox Tech-umentary Series

Abington LaunchBox "Tech-umentary" Series

From floppies, flash drives, and film, explore innovation through the brilliance, blunders, and blahs of our everyday tech.

Throughout the series, Peter and Derek will discuss the history of four important branches of the technological tree and share stories and experiences detailing how they’ve interacted with them in their lives. By showing examples of vintage tech, the series will share the history, trajectory, and innovations that shape our everyday tech.

  • Episode 1: Storage Media - Available now
  • Episode 2: Audio Media - Available now
  • Episode 3: Visual Media - Available now
  • Episode 4: Video Games - Premieres March 21

Social Impact Accelerator

Social Impact businesses, or social enterprises, are different from other businesses and have a unique set of challenges. What is a social enterprise?

We use the following definition as a guide:

“A for-profit business with a social and/or environmental mission that aims to solve a social or environmental problem through its business model.”

This program is designed to help individuals and early stage businesses with a social impact business idea to

1) clarify their mission,

2) understand their customers, and

3) design sustainable business models.

What will we be learning? The basics of starting a social venture, including: Defining your mission, vision, and theory of change

Identifying & understanding your customer segments

Various types of social impact business models & how to structure yours

How to secure funding for your social venture

All programming is with the Social Shifters content

Who should apply? If you meet any or all of the following criteria, you are eligible to apply:

You have an idea for a business with a social/environmental mission

You have limited business experience

You have a passion for making an impact in your community (or the world!)

Featured Video: The Age of Engagement: Featuring Content Creator Brian Saviano

Content creation is quickly becoming a pathway for many to exercise their creative energy and launch their first entrepreneurial efforts. During this interactive YouTube livestream, participants can connect with a content creator as they share their experiences launching and building platforms for engagement.

Brian Saviano is an online personality that makes content for all ages across a variety of mediums. Since his first gameplay tutorials created in his grandparents office over 10 years ago, he’s been sharing stories while playing his favorite video games. Brian brings his infectious humor, extensive knowledge, and relatability into everything he does.
Abington LaunchBox Podcast Channel

Penn State Abington Podcast Channel

The Abington LaunchBox launched its newest outlet to connect with the entrepreneurial community in and around Penn State Abington. The Abington Launchbox Podcast Channel exists to inspire, equip, and prepare current and future entrepreneurs with resources to guide their journey.

Check out our weekly podcast, Entrepreneurship 101. Each week we look at 3 topics and guests share their perspectives in just 101 seconds.

You can find Entrepreneurship 101 and lots of other audio only content through podcasting platforms.
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Penn State Abington Student Entrepreneurs

Penn State Abington Student entrepreneur, Nino Efendic, worked on his business while working on his degree.

Learn more about Nino and his business in this video.

You can also watch Nino compete in the Inc. U competition where student entrepreneurs across Penn State compete for $30,000 of investment in their companies.

Abington LaunchBox Live

Abington LaunchBox Live offers a wide range of the online content including podcasts, recordings of webinars, and live stream events covering variety of topics for Penn State students, start up businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Early-Stage Business Advisory Services

Whether you are looking for ongoing guidance, a session or two to get some inspiration, or interested in learning more about starting your business, the Abington LaunchBox is ready to help.

Penn State Law Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic

Provides a variety of free legal services related to startups.

Penn State Law Intellectual Property Clinic

Provides entrepreneurs free assistance to determine if they have intellectual property and how to protect it.

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news & events

Serie de Conferencistas de Emprendimiento: Alejandro Acosta Garcia
Note: This webinar is presented in Spanish. Watch the webinar here: Part of the Hazleton, Abington, and Berks LaunchBox Entrepreneurship Speaker Series Presented in Spanish. Alejandro Acosta Garcia, an experienced consultant in strategic planning, organizational structure and more, will...
Abington LaunchBox Podcast Channel Launching in 2021
The Abington LaunchBox launched its newest outlet to connect with the entrepreneurial community in and around Penn State Abington.  The Abington Launchbox Podcast Channel exists to inspire, equip, and prepare current and future entrepreneurs with resources to guide their journey. ...
Brands and Fans – LEGO – Building Fan Engagement: November 17 from 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Featuring: Flynn DeMarco and Richard Board from LEGO Masters Most businesses choose to find customers via product development and promotion of those products. More and more however, business is starting to integrate the two. What if, instead promoting a new...

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