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Abington LaunchBox Podcast Channel Launching in 2021

The Abington LaunchBox launched its newest outlet to connect with the entrepreneurial community in and around Penn State Abington.  The Abington Launchbox Podcast Channel exists to inspire, equip, and prepare current and future entrepreneurs with resources to guide their journey.  Content is now available through many of the most common podcasting platforms including Spotify (,

Apple Podcasts (,

Google Podcasts (, and more.


The channel will feature several podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, presentation styles, and spoken languages.  At launch, the podcast features:

Launch Trajectories: discussions with student entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the community that are currently getting their businesses off the ground.  Episodes are typically under 20 minutes and new episodes are planned to be released monthly.


Abington LaunchBox Speaker Series: topical discussions and workshops focused on entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators.  The series features speakers from varied backgrounds including business and the arts.  Episodes are typically an hour in length and one to two episodes are planned to be released each month.


Serie de Conferencistas de Emprendimiento: Similar to the Abington LaunchBox speaker series, this series features entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world engaging in conversations in Spanish.  Through a partnership between the Hazleton LaunchBox and the Abington LaunchBox, one to two episodes are planned to be released each month.


Entrepreneurship 101: this 20 minute weekly podcast covers a few topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and leadership with students and community member.  The catch is, once a topic is introduced a guest only has 101 seconds for their response.  Tune in to the weekly podcast (Starting in January 2021) for quick takes on topics related to business and entrepreneurship.



Feel free to listen on the platform of your choice.  Our conversations will always be centered around passion and practical strategies necessary to build and sustain a business.  Content is also available in video formats on our YouTube channel that can be found at