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Networking in 2020 and Beyond: November 18 12:15 – 1:00 pm

Featuring: Michael Wojcik, CEO and Founder of Wojcik Communications

Networking is a critical function during all stages of personal and professional career development.  Circumstances that arose in 2020 certainly created challenges to networking but they may also create opportunities.  During this discussion with Michael Wojcik, CEO and Founder of Wojcik Communications, we will discuss how networking in 2020 has changed and how it remains the same.  Michael will offer tips and perspectives for students and entrepreneurs to develop networks now and in the future.

The event is free and will be delivered as a video premier on the Abington LaunchBox YouTube page .  During the premier, there will be live chat opportunities to engage in ongoing Questions and Answer sessions with the presenters.

  This event is part Global Entrepreneurship Week at Penn State University.

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