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Take full advantage of the online format and access workshops and recordings of webinars on a variety of topics for start up businesses and entrepreneurs.  Learn what you want on your own schedule.

Brands and Fans

Brands and Fans - LEGO: Building Fan Engagement featuring Flynn DeMarco and Richard Board

In this session, we chat with two recent competitors from the LEGO Masters show that aired on Fox in the spring of 2020, Flynn DeMarco and Richard Board.

Event partners: Abington LaunchBox, Hazleton LaunchBox, and the Widener University Small Business Development Center.
Networking in 2020

Networking in 2020 and Beyond: Featuring Michael Wojcik - CEO and Founder of Wojcik Communications

Networking is a critical function during all stages of personal and professional career development. Circumstances that arose in 2020 certainly created challenges to networking but they may also create opportunities. During this discussion with Michael Wojcik, CEO and Founder of Wojcik Communications, we will discuss how networking in 2020 has changed and how it remains the same. Michael will offer tips and perspectives for students and entrepreneurs to develop your network now and in the future.

Instant Access Learning: Design Thinking for Small Business Growth

This event was recorded live during Penn State's Startup Week on 4/1/2020.

As a business owner, your time is often consumed with building a better products and services. Unfortunately, having the technically superior product or service does not always translate into business success.

This workshop uses a Design Thinking framework to look at 3 stories from big business success and translate them into meaningful and actionable direction for small business leaders. Design thinking is a creative problem-solving process that focuses on a user-centered approach to create a solution.

Instant Access Learning: Leading During Uncertain Times

This event was recorded live during Penn State's Startup Week on 3/31/2020.

When managing 21st century businesses, planning for the future is no longer good enough. Companies need to focus on creating the future. During this roundtable discussion with entrepreneurial leaders, we will explore how to demonstrate leadership amid high levels of uncertainty.

About the Speakers:

Michael Wojcik, '02 Wojcik Communications Inc. CEO / Founder Website wojcikcommunicationsinc.com/

Carlos Ojeda, Jr. CoolSpeak CEO / Founder Website https://coolspeak.net/

Spanish Language Webinar Series

Content to help entrepreneurs evaluate and implement business ideas.  Through partnership between the Hazleton and Abington LaunchBoxes, the webinars are presented entirely in Spanish.

Spanish Language Webinar Series: Miguel Caballero: Scaling Your Business Worldwide

Part of the Hazleton and Abington LaunchBox Spanish Language Entrepreneurship Webinar Series. Do you have a brand or product and want to expand it worldwide? Do you have a brand, product or ideas and want to establish partnership that allow you to grow join us with Miguel caballero to have a conservation about it. About Miguel: Miguel Caballero is a serial entrepreneur with about 18 years experience building tech companies in the infrastructure, edtech and blockchain ecosystems. He co-founded Neomedia Wireless, an engineering firm specialized in wireless infrastructure, which provided consultancy services to the city councils of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and IT companies like Indra and Orange. Since 2013, he is the founder and CEO of Tutellus.com, an edtech P2P platform in Spanish-speaking countries. More recently, he co-launched Tutellus.io, an innovative, decentralized blockchain-powered edtech platform that tokenizes the education system based on collaborative and incentive-based models. Note: This video is presented in Spanish.

Spanish Language Webinar Series: Mario Moreno, Azucena and Viviana: Business Message, Storytelling and Causes

Part of the Hazleton and Abington LaunchBox Spanish Language Entrepreneurship Webinar Series. How do you create a message in a way that sticks in the mind of your customer? Mario Moreno and his family, operators of Pura Cultura, will explain how. The family's business promotes the Cultura of Mesoamerica through indigenous inspired fashion. Each of the family are either immigrants or the first generation born in the U.S. Note: This video is presented in Spanish.
Frances Prado Designing

Spanish Language Webinar Series: Moving Your Business Online with Frances Prado

This workshop was recorded live on September 11, 2020

Nationally recognized inventor Frances Prado returns to lead another Spanish-language workshop, this one focused on taking businesses online.

Prado will break down the process of taking a business online by exploring five factors: preparation, platform, content, presentation, and e-commerce.

La inventora reconocida a nivel nacional Frances Prado regresa para liderar otro taller en español, este enfocado en llevar negocios en línea.

Prado desglosará el proceso de llevar una empresa en línea explorando cinco factores: preparación, plataforma, contenido, presentación y comercio electrónico.

This webinar is hosted and sponsored by the Hazleton LaunchBox at Penn State Hazleton.

Additional support for the webinar provided by the Abington LaunchBox.
Frances Prado Hanging Secrets

Spanish Language Webinar Series: Hanging Secrets - Innovation of a Latina Creator

This webinar was recorded live on 7/31/2020. The webinar is hosted and presented by the Hazleton LaunchBox. Production support was provided by the Abington LaunchBox.

Come with us and Frances Prado, one of the 0.05% Female Hispanic inventors, who will tell us about her experience in creating and patenting her product “Hanging Secrets.” She will provide us with some of the knowledge she acquired through the creation and development of her product. To patent an invention you need to understand some processes and take the right steps. In this workshop, Frances explains how to navigate those processes. She will tell us about her experience, generating ideas, creating a prototype, protect your idea, and patenting it. Come and enjoy this workshop and learn how to devise and patent a product from the mouth of an expert.

Note: This webinar will be conducted in Spanish only.

Podcast Channel

Learn about the most current topics for entrepreneurs and startup business owners from other entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Each month, new content is added to the series. Podcasts are available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and other places podcast content can be found.

Video Podcast Series Episode 001: Nino Efendic - Aerial Prospex

Episode 001 (The Pilot Episode) features Penn State Abington student and entrepreneur Nino Efendic. Nino is the founder and owner of Aerial Prospex which provides progress reports, inspections, and photogrammetry to the commercial real estate, construction, and engineering industries.

You can also watch Nino compete in the Inc. U competition where student entrepreneurs across Penn State compete for $30,000 of investment in their companies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbb_RHQMq3M
Abington LaunchBox Podcast Channel

Entrepreneurship 101: Pilot Season - Episode 001

On Entrepreneurship 101 (E101) we cover a few topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and leadership with students and community members each week.

The catch is, once a topic is introduced a guest only has 101 seconds for their response.

Tune in to the weekly podcast (Starting in January 2021) for quick takes on topics related to business and entrepreneurship.

This episode features E101 producer and guest Aidan Pulli. Topics in this episode: 1. Culture During COVID 2. Leading in a Virtual World 3. Taking Action

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are found.